At GES Immigration Consulting Inc., we do our very best to deliver quality and timely services. We put  your best interests at the center of every service that we offer. We understand that every situation has its own unique challenges, and we use our experience and understanding of Canadian Immigration to find the best program for  your specific needs. Most of our immigration consultation services are found under those listed below, but we can, in certain cases, take on unique requests from our clients.


GES Immigration Consulting Inc. offers a full array of immigration services. Our experienced immigration consultants are knowledgeable in all of the different aspects of Canadian immigration programs and can help with personal visa applications, business LMIA, or foreign student applications. Our top rated immigration services in Edmonton have helped hundreds of people start a new life in Canada.


Our professional immigration consultants in Edmonton know how confusing, frustrating and complex the immigration process can be. We understand that a successful immigration application for yourself and loved ones is extremely important. That is why having an experienced immigration consultant is the best choice to achieving your dream of Canadian immigration.


Economic migration is the most sought after service, however, family sponsorship programs are offered to help families stay together. Our qualified Canadian immigration consultants can provide assistance for super visas, work permits and Provincial Nominee Program applications. We take care to ensure that applications are completed accurately to avoid delays to processing time. Our Edmonton immigration consultants do our best to explain the process and answer any questions that you have concerning Canadian immigration programs.


For our clients who own and manage hospitality businesses, we conduct Labour Market Impact Assessments (LMIAs) and pre-approvals for hiring foreign workers. Our goal is to connect great Canadian businesses with committed working people. The effects of our Edmonton immigration services are far reaching.

If you are unsure as to which services could help you or what immigration program you need to apply for, we would be glad to accommodate you and speak with you about your options. Call our Canadian immigration experts to discover how we can help you reach your immigration goals.Our experienced immigration professionals will develop a pathway to Canadian immigration based on an initial half-hour consultation.


Immigration Consultations

Canadian immigration is comprised of many different programs. Knowing which program will provide the best possible outcome, takes experience and intimate knowledge of the Canadian immigration programs. We take the time to ask the right questions, as well as provide insight, to chart the right path to a successful outcome.

Employer Labour Market Impact Assessments (LMIA)

GES Immigration Consulting Inc. can help the chances of the success of your LMIA application. LMIA applications in Canada have stringent requirements and must be completed thoroughly, and precisely. Our immigration professionals have years of experience helping businesses with their LMIAs. GES Immigration Consulting Inc. Professional Immigration Services will help you understand the LMIA process. We stay up to date with changes in the laws and regulations. Our immigration professionals are familiar with the different LMIAs for different industries to provide the best service for your business. As LMIA laws are updated, we assist temporary foreign workers and their employers in adjusting to these changes.

Work Permits

Applying for a work permit is a multi-step process. Our immigration consultants in Edmonton help applicants understand what documentation is required before beginning the process. Standard work permits in Canada are employer-specific. One of the requirements for a successful work permit application is proof of an offer of employment, or a LMIA. Our immigration consultants in Edmonton will assist workers within Canada, or Outside of Canada with their application for a work permit or a change in their current work permit. We also help individuals apply for a work permit extension or renewal.

Temporary Residence – Visitors, Workers and Students

People who want to visit, study or work in Canada require a temporary resident visa. Please note that it is important to obtain a Canadian visa long before you plan to enter the country, and before booking any flights or making specific travel plans. It is wise to check your eligibility for a Canadian visa before you begin the process, as Canadian visa application fees are non-refundable. Having a professional immigration consultant prepare your application improves the probability of an issuance of a temporary visa.

International Adoptions

We assist with the immigration/citizenship process for those who have adopted children internationally.

Permanent Residence – Skilled Workers, Canadian Experience Class

GES Immigration Consulting Inc. provides prescreening,consultation, and assessment to discern the most suitable options available for submission of an application for permanent resident status.

Renewal of Permits, Visas

Allow us to assist in renewing your temporary resident visa, extend your status as an international student or temporary forgeign worker, and/or restoration of status.

Family Class Sponsorship

The family class sponsorship program is for the purpose of the reunification of families. We have helped reunite families for over a decade. It is important in family class sponsorship for your application be accurate. Any errors or insufficient documentation can result in delayed processing or refusal of an application. 

Family members that may qualify for sponsorship include:

  • Spouses
  • Common-law/Conjugal Partners
  • Parents
  • Dependent Children

Home Child Care Providers & In Home Support Worker Pilot Projects

GES Immigration Consulting Inc. can provide assistance with migration to Canada through the two caregiver options. 

Commissioner for Oaths in and for Alberta

Oaths are for confirming a written statement or affidavit for use in court, estate or land title transactions. We can provide commissioner for oaths services should you require them.

Provincial Nomination Programs

The provincial nominee programs offer skilled immigrants a greater opportunity for successful entry into Canada. Let GES Immigration Consulting Inc. help you with assessing the most suitable options available for submission of an application to a province or territory for provincial nomination. Our professional immigration services also help businesses secure skilled and experienced workers to fill vital roles.