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Temporary Resident Visa

If you want to visit, study,or work in Canada you require a temporary resident visa. We have helped hundreds of people attain their temporary resident visa.

LMIA & Work Permits

Businesses across Canada have benefited from employing temporary foreign workers. We will help you accurately file your Labor Market Impact Assessment application to help your business with reliable workers.

Permanent Resident Visa

We can provide professional assistance to students, workers and family members applying for permanent residency in Canada.

Family Sponsorship

Reunification of families is very important for the Canadian Immigration program. Under the family sponsorship program you can sponsor your spouse, dependant children and parents to live with you in Canada.

Business Class Visa

If you are looking to establish a business or invest in a Canadian business, we can help you with permanent residency for you and your family.

Study Visa

Canada has world-class education and there are opportunities for foreign students to study in Canada.

Provincial Nomination

You may qualify under a  Provincial Nominee Program based on your skills, education and work experience. Contact us for a consultation to see if you qualify.

Visitor Visa

Visiting Canada for tourism or visiting family requires a visitor visa in most cases. We can help you with a Visitor Visa or Parents/Grandparents Supervisa application.

Canada Expects to welcome 485,000 new permanent residents in 2024:

“Following the trajectory of the 2023-2025 Plan, Canada aims to welcome 485,000 new permanent residents in 2024, 500,000 in 2025 and plateau at 500,000 in 2026. This plan prioritizes economic growth, and supports family reunification, while responding to humanitarian crises and recognizing the rapid growth in immigration in recent years.

Building on the achievement of a 4.4% target of French-speaking permanent residents outside Quebec in 2022, the Plan includes new annual and progressively increasing French-speaking permanent resident targets outside Quebec: 6% in 2024, 7% in 2025 and 8% in 2026.” (IRCC)

GES Immigration Consulting has been an immigration consultant in Edmonton Alberta for 15+ years.

In that time we’ve helped so many individuals, families, and businesses navigate Canadian immigration programs. 

We value every client. Our licensed immigration consultants are dedicated and committed to helping clients succeed with their immigration applications. Ultimately, we want to help everyone that comes to us achieve their dream of immigrating to Canada and enjoy all that our great country offers.

About GES Immigration Consulting Inc.

Glenn Stewart, founder of GES Immigration Consulting Inc., has not only helped numerous individuals and families with Canadian Immigration, he once was a temporary foreign worker in Northern Europe. 

Having experienced both sides of the immigration process, Glenn has a unique perspective that allows him to empathize with individuals in their immigration journey.

We believe that Canada is the best destination for anyone to study, work, and live. Canada has a lot to offer individuals and families that are looking for new opportunities.

Registered Immigration Consultants

Before you engage the services of an immigration consultant, make sure they are registered in good standing with the CICC. There are many unregistered advisors who pose as licensed immigration consultants who are NOT authorized third-parties. These advisors cannot sign documents on your behalf and will not be in direct contact with the ESDC (Employment and Skills Development Canada) or CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada). 


An unqualified and unregistered advisor may put your application at risk. Incomplete applications and action items result in longer application processing times, or be rejected.


By engaging the services of our fully certified immigration consultants in Edmonton, you will increase the likelihood of success with your Canadian immigration application.

About Canada

Canada has a beautiful and diverse landscape. From the beautiful shores of the Pacific Ocean, the majesty of the Rocky Mountains, to the beauty of the Maritimes there is something for everyone.

 We have excellent economic opportunities available for temporary foreign workers and professionals, as well as investors and entrepreneurs.

 This amazing country provides some of the best education in the world. Thousands of students from around the world come to Canada for post secondary, undergraduate and postgraduate studies. 

 Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees fundamental freedoms such as:

  • Freedom of conscience and religion
  • Freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media
  • Freedom of peaceful assembly
  • Freedom of association

 The charter includes democratic rights, mobility rights and legal rights to protect its people.

 Our universal healthcare system is highly regarded in Canada. Access to medical care is a value of the Canadian people.

We Really Care

The Problem We Help Solve

Individuals, families and businesses need professional assistance with Canadian Immigration and Citizenship.


Our Vision

To help people realize their dream of immigrating to Canada.


Our Mission

We use our knowledge and experience of the Canadian Immigration & Citizenship system to give our clients the best chance at their desired outcome.


GES Immigration Consulting Inc. Core Values
  • Do your work with diligence and accuracy – Do it right the first time
  • Always put the best interest of the client first
  • Present complete solutions 
  • Give timely progress reports to keep relevant parties informed
  • Balance professionalism with empathy and rapport 
  • Always bring integrity and a positive attitude to every situation
  • Continually learn and promote lifelong learning to associates
  • Use knowledge gained from prior years to develop the best outcomes for the client
  • Be relentless in our commitment to helping our clients win
  • Celebrate the wins and learn from the losses